Implementation period

The period during which the project is to be carried out.


Unique actions

Already certified to support the project and connected to unique codes.

The project

Together with Il Pozzo dei Desideri, we build water wells in villages of Malawi that do not have access to clean water sources. It is hard to build a water well in Malawi, but not impossible. We are building wells in Malawi to provide thousands of people with a safe water source.


The lack of a water supply system forces the women and children of many villages to walk many kilometers every day to collect clean water to drink and cook.


The information about every well is included in unique codes that certify the project. Every well is connected to a precise number of codes that are used to pinpoint that single well.

The operation

In the dry season, we go to Malawi and thanks to our local partners we can select the villages that need our intervention. In these villages we build artesian wells to provide the population with clean and free water.

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The project of Lamberti

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Actions verified and certified

More than 1 unique codes connected to Lamberti have already been certified in our system. Here are some of them!

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Category Code Owner Group Certificate

Il pozzo dei desideri


Water well no. 6

Category Code Owner Group Certificate

Il pozzo dei desideri

What is this project about?

Thanks to Lamberti we are financing the construction of a new well in Malawi.

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